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I am an ecologist and a modeller, with main interests in macroecology, biogeography, conservation biology and global change biology, but also animal ecology, behavioural ecology and macroevolution.

My research is largely multi-disciplinary, I constantly attempt to couple diverse disciplines and modelling approaches in order to answer both theoretical and applied questions in ecology and conservation. I love patterns and processes in nature, and most of my research is aimed at integrating macroecological and biogeographical principles into conservation assessments. Most of my experience is on terrestrial vertebrates, but I’m more interested in the ecological questions than species. I love collaborating with – and learning from – other researchers. My PhD project was dedicated to understanding the multiple ways dispersal distance can be estimated and integrated in conservation analyses. Afterward, I worked as postdoc at Sapienza University in Rome in the Global Mammal Assessment Lab led by Carlo Rondinini, and in Grenoble with Wilfried Thuiller supported by “Brusarosco” grant awarded by the Italian Society of Ecology (S.It.E.). Between 2016 and 2019 I have worked as a researcher at Radboud University (Nijmegen, NL) supported by the VENI grant. I currently work as a researcher at the Italian National Research Council (CNR).


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